Civ 6 How To Make Corps

No crossposts to other civilization 6 subreddits. Individual gameplay video submissions are restricted to video lists that contain your first episode to final episode. Civ VI Wikis […]

How To Make Chocolate Walnut Brownie

8/12/2018 · How to make Cheese Nutella sandwich cheese spinach sandwich grilled sandwich breakfast recipe - Duration: 11:03. ANNU Food Junction !! 249 views […]

How To Make Garlic Butter For Pizza

16/06/2012 Making garlic sauce for pizza should not be the most time consuming thing you try to do all day. Make garlic sauce for pizza in less than five minutes with help from a […]

How To Open A Door Knob Without A Keyhole

This stamped brass door plate is an economical way to give your door a vintage look. At 2 1/4" wide, it works on pre-drilled doors or as part of a dummy set. Made of solid brass with your choice of polished or chrome-plated finishes. […]

How To Play B Cubed Level 13

B Cubed Level 13 You B Cubed The Best Games Ever Cool Math Games B Cubed Level 29 B cubed 30 you b cubed play it now at coolmath games com b cubed jigsaw puzzle coolmath games com b cubed 29 you. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Related. … […]

How To Make A Stingray Paper Airplane

How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper plane) that flies and flaps its wings? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! let's learn how to fold the paper airplane and make it flap the wings! […]

How To Buy The Crew Wild Run

About This Content THE CREW® CALLING ALL UNITS includes THE CREW® WILD RUN expansion for FREE. Racers have been owning the place until today. Time to set the record straight in THE CREW® CALLING ALL UNITS, the latest expansion of the revolutionary MMO driving game The Crew®! […]

How To Open Sql File In Mysql Workbench

Start up MySQL Workbench and make sure you're at the home page. Click the small "home" icon at the top left if you're not there. Click the small "home" icon at the top left if you're not there. 2. […]

How To Make A Rain Barrel

Recycling rain water is easier than you think. In the past, if you wanted to capture rain water, you just put a bucket out in the yard and waited for it to fill up. […]

How To Make Oven Baked Chips With Cheese

Scoop ½ teaspoon of the cottage cheese mixture into the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Once the cheese has stopped bubbling, the surface is dry and is starting to … […]

How To Play A Thousand Years On Piano Letters

I have loved you for a thousand years. G F C A# A# C D# D G . I'll love you for a thousand more. G A# C A# C D# D F . One step closer. A# C D C . One step closer. G A A# C . Posted by Mint Music at 08:50. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: 1000 Years, A Thousand Years, Christina Perri. 100 comments: Amelia Tse 9 April 2015 at 01:47. Amnesia or […]

How To Make Pastry Dough

Making pastry dough can be daunting for new bakers. Not only is it time-consuming, but the terminology can also get pretty confusing. Luckily, this fool-proof recipe takes a lot of the headache out of the process. […]

How To Read Xls File

10/09/2014 · Now there is a bit of a difference between xls and xlsx. XLSX is a zipped archive of a bunch of files (including eventually some binary files) and even if you can create them it would be a nightmare to read and especially interpret them. […]

How To Open Seagate External Hard Drive 500gb

I've been using my Seagate FreeAgent Go external drive for 6 months already and I have store many files like music, pictures, ms office files, etc. If I want to see the files stored in this drive, I just click the computer and then open this drive and there I see the files but just this day when i plug-in in the any PCs and laptops' usb port, a "USB Found New Hardware" flashed and the window […]

How To Say Embarrassed In Spanish

The correct way to say “I am embarrassed” in Spanish is “tengo vergüenza” which literally means, “I have embarrassment/shame”. You can also say “que vergüenza” which means “how embarrassing.” […]

How To Make Preserves Thicker

Discover how to make jams and preserves with canning tips and recipes from The Old Farmer's Almanac. The acid from the lemon juice will help the jam or preserve thicken. Scorching is more likely to happen to jams and preserves, so in order to avoid that dilemma, stir your mixture often for 15-40 minutes, depending on the fruit. Scorching can ruin an otherwise delicious jam or preserve, but […]

How To Put Battery Percentage On Taskbar

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click the Battery/Power Plug icon to display the battery meter. In Windows XP, point the mouse at the battery meter and a pop-up balloon appears, detailing battery life. […]

How To Make Double Exposure Photos

1/11/2017 in this tutorial you can learn how to create double exposure effect in Photoshop easily. Tutorial de Photoshop de efecto de exposicion doble ???????? Exposure Effect ??? […]

How To Open Run Page Tab C9

3/01/2019 · Hi Rajeev, You can try right clicking on the Html file and select IE 9 to open the file. You can also set IE 9 as the default program to open Html file. […]

How To Make Architectural Collages

Watch video · Learn about the components of visual images, making selections, color correcting, fixing images, outputting images, and much more. This course uses Photoshop CS6, but the information presented is applicable to all versions of the application. […]

How To Make Your Ex Jealous With Another Guy

Nothing will make an ex boyfriend more jealous than seeing you with another man. If this happens, it should be a fortunate byproduct of you getting back out and having a new life without your ex. In many cases, the shock of seeing you kissing someone else will drive your ex right back into your arms again. This is fine, especially if you've been trying to win back your exboyfriend. But it's […]

How To Play Online Poker Australia

Australia based players who sign up to any of our top rated poker sites are going to discover that they are not only going to be able to play poker game variants and also enter online and mobile poker tournaments at those sites for all of them also have available a range of different poker side games too. […]

How To Make Compost Cog

Using compost mulch on mounds will also make a big difference. Mounding increases evaporation and applying compost mulch will help you combat this negative effect. Incorporating compost into the mounds and using compost mulch will also improve the soil structure and help to … […]

How To Make Beard Oil With Coconut Oil

How to make beard oil Adrienne Wyper / 17 November 2016 ( 10 September 2018 ) Tweet. Add a homemade touch to gentlemen’s grooming, with easily adaptable recipes to keep facial hair conditioned and cared for. A homemade beard oil is the perfect addition to any gentleman's grooming kit. Close A homemade beard oil is the perfect addition to any gentleman's grooming kit. For those of you who […]

Photosynthesis Board Game How To Play

Fun card game similar to Dobble / Spot it with symbols and images from photosynthesis / plant nutrition / tropism / plant reproduction topics Great for practising use of keywords and recognising images / structures in a fun way. […]

How To Make A Stance Platform Mat For Optishot

Trim one end so you can make an even cut. Now use your cutting mat or a ruler to measure how long your fabric should be and cut the other side evenly. Flip your fabric and trim the selvages off at the top. […]

How To Make Blueberry Pancakes With Hungry Jack

You will want to print out this Buy 2 & Get 1 FREE Hungry Jack coupons for Hungry Jack Pancake pouches. I love it when companies make it so easy now to make meals. I have always loved peanut butter and came across this recipe for Banana Peanut Butter Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup!! I am making this one soon 🙂 […]

How To Make Computer Screen Brighter Windows 10

11/12/2016 · If your monitor doesn't have a backlight setting, you'll need to adjust the Brightness(black level) and Contrast(white saturation) manually either on the monitor or through your graphics card, to make your screen brighter or dimmer looking. […]

How To Meet Harry Potter Cast

2/06/2016 Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back together again. Photos of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast in character have been released, and […]

How To Pass Visceral Cleanup

22/12/2013 · Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage-iNLAWS [MEGA/PutLocker/UPafile/180Uploa/BillionUploads/HugeFiles/Torrent] 1.Download: […]

How To Make Your Electric Toothbrush Quieter

The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 is the best electric toothbrush because it offers cutting edge sonic technology combined with all the settings you need to enhance your oral hygiene. […]

How To Play Things On Piano

Playing Piano. Learn everything about playing piano, from memorizing notes to navigating the keys, with these tutorials. As you advance, use tips to develop sight-reading skills and master the piano … […]

How To Make Papaya Salad Dressing

Orange and Papaya Salad Dressing July 29, 2013 When I decided on featuring a salad dressing on I first though of the classic recipe I first learned while living in France: one part mustard, one part honey, one and a half part balsamic vinegar and three parts olive oil. […]

How To Make Almond Pancakes

I was so excited to try these low carb pancakes! However, I did not have a good experience making them. I followed your instructions, but I used coconut flour instead of almond flour (my boyfriend has an almond allergy) I didnt think it would make a […]

How To Run An Ethernet Cable Through A Wall

I need to get an ethernet cable from one side of a wall to the other side. I'm not really sure what the best way to go about this is... The place where I want to bring a cable through is basically where a door is, so I was thinking of buying a 12" drill bit to pass the ethernet through just above the door. […]

How To Make A Fire Background In Photoshop

Step 1: Start off by creating a new image, because details are the most important, the document must be large, make sure it forms a perfect square. For this I set my image size to 2400x2400 px. Set background color to black. Now create a new layer, fill it in black too and name the layer "Base". Make sure you have the default black and white as foreground and background colors, go to Filter […]

How To Make Cake Balls Icing

27/09/2010 · Hello, I have attempted cake balls in the past not so successfully I know Bakerella advises using 1 cake mix and 1 can frosting but I like to make my own cakes & frostings. […]

How To Make A Mirror With Metal Border

Find and save ideas about Mirror border on Pinterest. See more ideas about Diy mirror frame bathroom, Mirrors to stick on tiles and Mirror fixing diy. Home decor. Mirror border; Mirror border. Home Decoracion Diy Mirror Closet Doors Closet Door Makeover Home Projects Diy Furniture Tiles Diy Home Decor Bathroom. These tiles can be put around any mirror border. I chose to only put them on … […]

How To Make Things Out Of Big Plastic Bottles Cool

10 Surprising Things Made From Plastic Plastic is rapidly transforming our world allowing us to manufacture cheap, durable products at a scale never thought possible. Of the many products we use in our daily lives you’d be surprised just how many are made from plastic. […]

How To Make Disabled Iphone Work

If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled If you forgot your passcode, or if a message says that your device is disabled, follow these steps to … […]

How To Make Packet Brownie Mix Better

Combine brownie mix, 2 tablespoons oil, and ? cup cold water in a bowl, stirring briskly with a whisk (approx. 20 stirs), until mix is combined and no lumps remain. […]

How To Open Bz2 File In Windows

See what's changed on your servers, fast… Gain the ability to monitor file, hardware, software, and registry changes to your Windows® Servers with Server Configuration Monitor. […]

How To Make A 180 Spin Macro In Autohotkey

20/03/2011 · Is it possible to run the disengage macro modified so that the camera resets after switching 180degrees (sort of a cast sequence) What I want to do is diengage, wing clip if able to use my parachute cape all at the same time, now here is the TWIST. Is it possible to do all that but also have the […]

Procedure On How To Make Kites

2/05/2012 The easiest how-to instructions for how to make a kite that will fly. Check out the how to make a kite activity page at Kidspot Australia: […]

How To Make Doner Sauce

Slice the doner kebab meat as thinly as possible and serve with warmed pitta bread and salad. Serving suggestion Serve with warmed (lightly toasted) pitta bread. […]

How To Play Pandemic Online

Pandemic 2 with cheats: Keyhack [1] evolution points, [2] infect selected region.. Your goal in this sequel to Pandemic: Be the Disease, you once again play the role of a contagious disease. But this time, mankind is prepared for you! You'll have to mutate quickly and infect as many airports and water supplies as you can while keeping a close […]

Youtube How To Make Fairy Furniture

Getting whimsical in the garden. Add a touch of whimsy to your garden by making a miniature fairy garden or gnome garden! A fairy garden is a teeny-tiny, contained garden made to look under the care of the fabled creatures. […]

How To Make A Layer Bigger In Photoshop Cc 2017

If you would like to resize this image from Adobe Photoshop, you will need to save the image back to Adobe Photoshop and launch the Resize plugin by going to File > Automate > ON1 Resize 10 or File > Automate > Resize 2017. […]

How To Open A Password Protected Word Document 2010

5/09/2013 · Hello, Using Word 2010 and recently upgraded to Windows 8. Someone has sent me a simple Word document several times. When I try to open it, it tries to open in 'protected view' and just keeps trying to open forever... […]

How To Make Your Own Ipad Case

Be functional and stylish with custom iPad Cases from Zazzle. Choose from four different cases. Add your own drawings, images or text and make it truly unique. […]

How To Make Dill Tea From Leaves

1-2 Tbsp dill leaves, finely chopped (optional, but highly recommended!) More dill sprigs for garnish 4 oz smoked salmon 1 long baguette 2 Tbsp butter, melted. How to Make Salmon Tea Sandwiches: 1. Preheat your Oven to 350?F. 2. Slice bread into 1/3? thick slices on the diagonal. Note: If your bread is very fresh and soft, you dont need to brush with butter and bake. My bread was a […]

How To Say Do You Speak Turkish In Turkish

Do you want to Learn Turkish? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place. There are many websites to learn Turkish online but this is the only website where you have a Turkish teacher helping you with everything from the start. […]

How To Make Spiral Beeswax Candles

Pillar Spiral Light Candles - The Spiral top part of the Large Spiral Light Candle burns in a circular motion for 3.5 hours melting that wax which pools to the inside area and … […]

How To Make Journaling Cards

Go back to photoshop and add your journaling. Make sure to keep text inside the outline. 4. PREP THE JOURNALING CARD FOR PRINT. Use double sided tape to mount the journaling card to the sheet of paper you printed out earlier, making sure to position the card within the box outline. 5. NOW YOURE READY TO PRINT. IMPORTANT: Turn off the visibility of the print guide layer before you send to […]

How To Make Rock Cakes

Question. How do I make the most effective rock cakes? I enjoy rock cakes however I wear ' t understand how you can make them myself! I purchase them at […]

How To Make Different Types Of Bread

Pastry is essentially a type of bread and so many different types exist that there is no one way to classify them. Their chief differences have to do with their fat, the type used, its proportion, and how it is introduced it into the flour. The two main types of classification used here are: NONLAMINATED PASTRY, where solid fat is cut into the flour, or added as melted or liquid oil; or […]

How To Make A Gold Glitter Cake

First up, I made a delicious eggnog cake and customized the cake stand with a simple strip of silver glitter tape, and then used the glitter tape to make a sweet bunting banner to hang ON the cake! I also made a simple marquee light using a cereal box and some dollar store fairy lights. […]

How To Move From Taskbar To Desktop

Add a Bookmark to the Taskbar on my Windows 8 Desktop? as a new button on the Taskbar in Desktop view, and as a tile on the Start Screen. Since the lattermost is a bit complicated to explain, Im going to defer and just address the first three. Stay tuned for a separate piece on how to turn a Web bookmark into a start tile, though! To begin, open up MSIE11 and navigate to your favorite […]

How To Make Big Square Bracket Latex

Be sure to put n in square brackets instead of curly. Square brackets are used for optional arguments to LaTeX commands. Square brackets are used for optional arguments to LaTeX … […]

How To Pay Mortgage Using Credit Card Australia Westpac

Don't reach for your credit card or a pay day loan if you're struggling to make ends meet. High-interest debt may seem like a short-term solution but it's really a long-term trap. High-interest debt may seem like a short-term solution but it's really a long-term trap. […]

How To Move Microsoft Office 2011 Lcence To New Computer

So when you have a desktop computer and a laptop and you are the main user of both machines, then you can use Office/Outlook with only 1 retail license. Reassign license benefit Another benefit of having a retail license is that you can reassign the license to another main PC without needing to buy a new […]

How To Make A Mojito Australia

One strange quirk of the mojito, at least compared to the other drinks we've taste tested, is that, although pretty much everyone agrees that it should include white rum, sugar, mint, lime and […]

How To Make A Custom Modpack Server

To install a modpack manually (e.g. custom modpacks): After you have completed steps 1-5 shown above, connect to your server’s FTP using FileZilla or a third-party file manager of your choice. Once you have connected to your server’s FTP, delete the following folders: jar, mods, config, libraries […]

How To Make Wifi Signal Stronger In My House

If your Wi-Fi signal is dead just outside the room it's in, you've got structural issues that you'll likely have to address, or you'll need to invest in some serious CAT cabling throughout your house. […]

How To Make Cisco Phone Go To A Message

Retrieve Messages 1 2 Greetings Message settings 3 Personal settings 1 Change message notification 2 Change fax delivery* 4 Edit private lists 3 Change menu type […]

How To Play Minecraft With A Ps4 Controller Mac

2017-05-23T16:06:38.000Z How To Play Minecraft Java Edition With Any Controller (No Mods) views 2016-04-12T06:46:48.000Z 25 Things A Noob Does In Minecraft views 2016-04-16T07:09:28.000Z If a Thirst Bar was Added to Minecraft views […]

How To Make Whipped Cream Without The Cream

Real whipped cream is rich, but its flavor is infinitely superior to that of its artificial counterparts. It's easy to make at home, with a mixer or manual whisk. It's easy to make … […]

How To Make A Bike Rack Out Of Pallets

To fix this, I came up with a super easy way to turn a pallet into a bike rack that'll hold 5 or 6 bikes with ease! Find a heat treated pallet in good condition with boards that are spaced in such a way that you could fit a bike tire between them. […]

How To Make A Stop Wawtch In Ahk

You can implement the workaround for a full solution if you really want to, but it's a lot of work since you'd literally need to make a program to do it. Details at the end of this post. Details at the end of this post. […]

How To Make Ribs Sticky

Carefully remove ribs from the cooker; cover to keep warm. Transfer sauce to a medium frying pan; bring to the boil. Reduce heat; simmer, skimming fat from surface, for […]

How To Put A Dog To Sleep Forever

– Help Your Dog Sleep And But if you don’t mind, it may be the best solution for a peaceful night, especially if your dog is getting on in years. Elderly dogs with failing hearing may find it a great comfort to sleep close to their owners, and are not likely to disturb you too early in the morning.. What To Put In A Dog Crate, Where To Put It, How To Get It Where To Put A Dog Crate In The […]

How To Make A Good Paper Fan

Learn how to make a fan with paper! when you are done making it, take a pen put the fan on pen and go under a fan! Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram on my photography page:- […]

How To Put Scale Handles On A Full Tang Knife

Acrylic Handle Scales, Turquoise Acrylic is a colourful handle material that drills, saws and sands like wood while taking a great polish. This is the Turquoise "swirls" version with paler swirls in it. […]

How To Make Eel In The Game Alxemy

Hold the eel, make sure that it is over the bucket when you hook through the head. If you make a mistake, at least the feel falls into the bucket and you can try again. If you make a mistake, at least the feel falls into the bucket and you can try again. […]

How To Read Boarding Pass

If you arrive at the airport without your printed online boarding pass, we can print one for you, but you will be required to pay a Boarding Card Reissue Fee. (Flexi Plus customers can check-in free of charge at the airport). This facility is available up to 40 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure. […]

How To Make Glitter Paint For Bedroom Walls

For example, if your room's walls are white and the carpet is pink, choose a pink glitter that will best match the floor. Mix the glitter into the clear-coat varnish. Sometimes glitter is simply tossed onto the ceiling while the ceiling paint is still wet. […]

How To Make Small Light Bigger

The key to making eyes bigger is to focus on light shades. Dark ones will make eyes recede even further. You'll need an eyeshadow palette of at least 4 colors: a lid color, a darker shade for the crease, a highlighter and a really dark shade for the eyeliner. […]

How To Make A Cravat For A Wedding

Cravats, or Ascots as theyre also known, are perfect for grooms going for a suave, gentrified look for their wedding day. Opt for a silk scarf in a rich, luxurious tone with a classic pattern like paisley. […]

How To Play Horseshoes And Handgrenades On Guitar

Horseshoes & Handgrenades is built on layers of ferocious guitars, screamingly passionate vocals, a hard-charging rhythm section, and a flair for surprisingly melodic choruses. Unlike their previous album, Southern Hospitality , this outing has less Southern rock swagger and a much harder, more metallic feel. […]

How To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard Youtube

Raising backyard chickens will provide you and your family with a steady supply of eggs. You also will have a flock of family friendly pets who require basic care and attention. Raising chickens is a hands-on experience. You must build or buy a coop and provide ample space in your yard. Compliance […]

How To Make Money Quick Elite Dangerous

Player ambition goes a long way in Elite Dangerous, but just like in real life, you need money to make money. For instance, if you want to become a miner, not only will you need a larger ship that can carry more cargo, thus making each mining expedition all the more profitable, but you will also need to purchase a mining laser, a refinery module and, optionally, some method to defend yourself […]

How To Play Last Word

Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance - free sheet music and tabs for violin, picked bass, overdrive guitar and drums. Learn this song on Jellynote with our interactive sheet music and tabs. Play along with youtube video covers. […]

How To Make A Transpartent Text Box On Word

This is a quick guide how to make text transparent using the ”Merge Shape” functions inside PowerPoint 2013. Write the text. Draw a shape that covers the text. […]

How To Make Good Names

Now you know the criteria for picking good pen names, but you might need a little more help generating pen name ideas. Easy Trick for Pen Names That Are The Right Age If your ideal reader is 35, then your name should sound 35 or older. […]

How To Make Hang Tags Template

The hang tags come the hole already perfectly punched, meaning that you won't spend a lot of time making your products or gifts look perfect! business cards product labels ingredient labels tags coasters […]

How To Make Garlic Oil Sauce

23/04/2018 · Chili & garlic sauce recipe. Learn how to make Chinese style chili garlic sauce using only 4 basic ingredients birds eye chili, vegetable oil, garlic and white onion. […]

How To Prepare Ppm Solution Of Solids

Describe how to prepare 200.0 mL of a 0.330 M solution of Na 2 CrO 4 using the stock solution. Calcium hypochlorite [Ca(OCl) 2 ] is an effective disinfectant for clothing and bedding. If a solution has a Ca(OCl) 2 concentration of 3.4 g per 100 mL of solution, what is the molarity of hypochlorite? […]

How To Play Karma Support S8

Play and Listen league of legends lol mid top support gameplay montage s8 season Tank Karma (Runes-The Grasp of the Undying) TOP Full Gameplay Mp3 By despairingleonardo Publish 2017-12-12 Play Download Ringtone […]

How To Make A Dairy Free Smoothie

A delicious dairy free banana smoothie recipe to make in your Thermomix. It's made with cashew milk and very quick and easy to make for breakfast. It's made with cashew milk and very quick and easy to make for breakfast. […]

How To Make A Coles Fruit Parfait

In the a.m., mix it well, spoon it out, and top with your favorite fresh fruit and nuts. The pudding will keep in the fridge for up to five days, so feel free to mix up a big batch on Sunday night and eat it for breakfast all week. […]

How To Play A Lawful Evil Character In D&d

The D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide is a comprehensive guide to all the rules used by players for official games. When there are differences between the rules and guidelines here and in other sources, the rules here take precedence for D&D Adventurers League play. What You Need to Play In order to participate in D&D Adventurers League games, you’ll need the following: • The D&D […]

How To Make Greek Clothing

It could be worn over another item of clothing, but was often the sole item of clothing for young soldiers and messengers, at least in Greek art. It became the typical military attire […]

How To Say No When Guy Asks You Out

According to you, she "really likes the guy and wants him to ask her out" so she should want to say yes and you shouldn't have a problem. Unless, of course, she […]

How To Make A Doc Into A Pdf

Doc 2 PDF: This is another online utility where one can convert word documents into PDF or ODT file format. Apart from this, the website has some exciting tools like PDF Merger and Splitter, PDF to image converter or word converter, etc. This site also provides PowerPoint to PDF file converter (similar tool: […]

How To Make Frozen Cups With Snowball Syrup

This is so much better than store bought syrup and cheaper to! I made this 7 times this summer with different flavors. I used water bottles with the sport tops worked great. I […]

How To Make Bonnie Mask

Bonnie Mugwort & Honey Mask. April 8, 2016. BRAND In February of 2010, Chicago fine artist Sarah deHebreard turned her focus from painting pictures to making lip balm, and Bonnie was born. […]

How To Make Heat Sink Paste

Thermal paste should be applied to avoid overheating, as air very bad conductor of heat so if there is just a millimeter space between CPU/GPU and the heatsink it can cause heating, to avoid this problem we use thermal paste which is a very good conductor of heat and serves as a medium to transfer heat to heat sink. […]

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